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Friday, April 1, 2011

Go Mobile – Taking Your Local Business to Customers - Go In

With the rapid growth of mobile devices in the US ,UK , Canada , Australia any where in the world , there’s no denying that mobile internet use is quickly on the rise. In fact, in 20010 an important milestone was reached when mobile access to the Internet exceeded desktop computer-based access for the first time. Since then, U.S. mobile Internet users have continued to steadily increase from 50.9 million in 2008 to 85.5 million in 2010 and over 5.3 Bilion people in worldwide , with a projected growth to 101.1 million in 2011. This increase in mobile web usage continues to create a tremendous amount of opportunity to reach customers on the go and enhances the development of mobile marketing.
Businesses large and small are increasingly using the mobile web as a platform to reach consumers . In fact, a recent study by the Online Publishers Association reports some interesting facts:
About one-in-ten mobile Web users said they have made a purchase based on a mobile web ad
23% said they have visited a mobile web site
13% said they have requested more information about a product or service from their mobile device, and
11% said they have gone to a store to check out a product due to a mobile web site or ad on smarthphones
Since most mobile web users are primarily focused on accomplishing a specific task, the key to leveraging mobile web is to provide users with the perfect balance of the right amount of information with a platform that is fast and convenient. Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is the specific platform that’s used to create mobile web sites optimized for easy access from mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing

Imagine this scenario: You’re a restaurant owner , pizza owner or any other local busines owner. You send out a text to your subscribers that says: “It’s 11 am, where’s your lunch?  Waiting for you at the Main Street Grill of course! Show this text to your server and receive a free glas of wine with your meal.”
The text goes to everyone on your subscriber list. Within moments, they forward your text to their friends and coworkers. Soon, you start seeing some familiar faces walk in the door. You notice an increase in your foot traffic that day. And the next day. And even the days and weeks following.
That’s the power of Mobile Marketing.  Mobile Monopoly marketing is a permission-based marketing tool that lets a business owner reach their audience in a way no other marketing medium can – instantaneously, through text messages, directly to their mobile devices.  Mobile Marketing is a great way to connect, engage, and communicate with your local customers, because you can so much with it:
  • Send a simple message to create top-of-mind local awareness
  • Introduce a new product or service localy 
  • Offer a “limited-time” coupon or discount code
  • Promote a Facebook Local Business Page or other social media community
  • Entice consumers to visit a mobile website for information or specials
  • Encourage entry in a participation-based campaign, such as a contest or sweepstakes
And with a projected 1.8 billion mobile device users are on internet ( over 91% of the population are walking around with cell phone every day 7/24  ), it’s easy to see why mobile marketing is fast becoming a major player in the world of consumer communications.
With the increase in ownership, decrease in price, and advancement in technology for mobile devices, mobile marketing is definitely here to stay.  It is a powerful marketing tool for growing your business easily, affordably, and exponentially.  Have you done any mobile marketing or do you know anyone who has? Share your experience in the comments.